FBI demands Facebook unlocks the secret to world peace

The FBI has demanded Facebook unlock all accounts to aid its fight against terrorism.

The American law enforcement agency has been engaged in a long-running battle with Apple for it to unlock the phone of a terrorist and now is trying a similar approach with another tech giant.

‘Just from looking at my timeline I can see that a vast number of people are commenting on terrorism and suggesting ways we can combat it in the wake of the Brussels atrocity,’ said an FBI spokesperson. ‘Surely one of them has come up with a fool proof idea to end terrorism and bring about world peace? I mean, some of the ideas have got to be better than what Governments and law enforcers are doing at the moment haven’t they? Judging by recent events they can hardly be worse, so we are demanding that Facebook make this information available to us. By not doing so they could, maybe, in a roundabout way, possibly be putting lives at risk. If it doesn’t work, at least we’ll get to see some lovely pictures of kittens and babies.’

It seems however that, like Apple, Facebook may resist as it has already unfriended the FBI.


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