‘Skid marks were fake’ insists hijack selfie guy

Hijack selfie guy

An Aberdeen man who posed for a selfie with an alleged hijacker says the skid marks found in his underpants by airport security guards were fake.

Cypriot authorities said they found Mr.Innes had soiled his underwear following a routine medical examination but the former oil worker maintains he had shat his pants on purpose as a joke. The Scot said the foul smelling substance running down the back of his pants was not even proper shit but was just the residue from a brown sauce bottle he found in the galley.

But airport security said they had no doubt the skid marks were genuine.
‘This was an internal EgyptAir flight’ said an airport security guard, ‘it was taking passengers from Alexandria to Cairo…so I think I know genuine skid marks when I see them.

It’s no shame….look, if it helps the guy, we’ve all been there.
Mr.Innes said he had come up with the idea of pretending to shit himself after seeing the hijacker was wearing what appeared to be two kilos of semtex on a belt around his waist.
The Scot said he just wanted to lighten the moment for the other passengers.
‘The hijacker was in on it as well’ said Mr. Innes ‘he said to me…I’ll open my jacket to reveal this suicide belt packed with explosives…and when I do…you pretend to shit yourself.
It was all just a bit of fun really’.

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