Corbyn’s father had book of Green Shield Stamps

Rich at last

A senior Tory minister has accused Jeremy Corbyn of hypocrisy after it was revealed his father once owned a book of Green Shield stamps; claiming he used the book of stamps to buy a pop-up toaster for his family.  He has been an MP for over 30 years but not once did he reveal the labor-saving device had been purchased through the access of an off-shore sales promotion scheme.

The stamps may have saved the Corbyn’s a massive 3’ – 6d; which by today’s exchange rates would be enough to buy an NHS sticking plaster or a cotton bud.   Mr.Corbyn defended the purchase of the toaster claiming it was bought as a gift from a shoppers catalogue through an affiliated retailer.  Meanwhile Tories were last seen angrily snatching at an agricultural by-product which later turned out to be the dry stalk of a cereal plant.



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