‘Friendadvisor.com’ offers unbiased reviews of your acquaintances

anything else would just be a waste of time

The next generation of social networking was launched yesterday in the form of a friend comparison site. ‘Friendadvisor.com takes social networking to the next logical level’ said Chief Executive Daniel Heyward at the launch event.

‘We are all busy people, and the last thing we want to do is be stuck in the pub for a whole night with a complete dullard. We know that people change and it can be hard to find out whether that work colleague you used to have such a good time with is still as funny now that he has settled down and had children.’

The system works on the same principle as restaurant and holiday comparison sites, with independent reviews by mutual acquaintances which provide you with up-to-the minute reports on behaviour and value-for-money.

Friends can also be rated in the following categories: punctuality, honesty, gossip-worthiness and cleanliness. There is a photo-upload facility and for single friends, adjustable would/wouldn’t indicators.

‘We hope soon to develop a tracker system, which will identify the most popular people to spend time with in, say, Preston Town Centre’ continued Mr Heyward. ‘Although we are struggling a bit with Preston, to be honest.’

Strict security limits people from rating themselves, although the site hasn’t yet found a way to stop people from creating multiple personas all praising each other to the high heavens. ‘But frankly, if you’re the sort of person likely to do this you probably haven’t got any real friends anyway’ suggested Mr Heyward.

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