Man agonises over whether to mourn Victoria Wood or Prince on Facebook


A man has been faced with the Herculean task of choosing to mourn the passing of a celebrity on social media.

Simon Williams, from Great Yarmouth, had to take a whole day off work to make the decision.

‘Because they both popped off within a day of each other, I knew I had to act, and act fast. I batted around a few ideas, such as setting up a whole new Facebook profile, and legally changing my name, but it seemed a bit over the top.’

Mr. Williams’ family and friends stood by him whilst he made the difficult decision. Mother Gertrude Williams said that she wanted to give her son some advice. ‘I knew he had to make this choice by himself. He’s always been a procrastinator in that sense. Personally, I would have deleted my Facebook profile, but each to their own.’

Mr. Williams went through over 30 drafts of his Facebook status, before he came to a decision. ‘In the end, I chose to do one post with both celebrities in. That seemed to be the only satisfactory solution. And I think Victoria Wood and Prince would have agreed.’


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