Fewer celebrities will die if we leave EU, say Brexit campaigners

A vote to leave the EU will mean fewer musical icons and other high profile celebrities will die, according to Vote Leave.

Noting the number of much loved entertainers that have died in the first few months of 2016, the campaign said the EU had done nothing to protect them and that if UK was ‘freed from the shackles of the EU’ it could pass legislation banning any more celebrities from dying.

‘Mr Obama’s tribute to Prince stunk of hypocrisy as he has also urged the UK to stay in the EU,’ a spokesperson said. ‘I mean how did the EU protect Prince – or Bowie or that Lemmy-chappie? Ronnie Corbett was good ol’fashioned clean comedian so the right-on lefty liberal EU wallahs didn’t do a thing.

‘They didn’t lift a finger to put in place legislation to protect Terry Wogan, probably because of the way he mocked Eurovision and didn’t kowtow to Brussels and Abba like David Cameron.’

The Remain campaign surged ahead in the polls after it responded that a vote to leave the EU would therefore also protect Jim Davidson.


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