Norovirus livid at sea-sickness allegations

the good ship puke

Hundreds of passengers on the British cruise-liner Balmoral are said to be furious at suggestions that they are ‘faking it’.

‘Ludicrous!’ complained one passenger from his en-suite. ‘Having visited the Isle of Wight by hovercraft I’m well accustomed to the high seas.  After all, we’re a nation of seafarers.  This is a real vomiting bug we’ve caught, not the result of that little bit of choppiness just before…hold on, I’ve got to go’.

Symptoms of the norovirus include a high temperature, headaches, stomach cramps, and projectile vomiting, whereas seasickness involves a fever, a sore head and tummy, and vigorous bouts of throwing-up.  So it’s easy to tell the difference.

One passenger, an ex-sailor, confirmed by telephone that he has so-far managed to avoid the illness; but a relative admitted: ‘He’s a bit smug going around calling everyone ‘landlubbers’ and that. And his stories about his seafaring days can give the best of us nausea’.  Meanwhile, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) are said to be keeping a close eye on the situation, but they were too busy laughing to make any comment.





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