Arseing around in a car with mates to be designated as an official TV genre

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TV and entertainment executives have announced that arseing around in a car with real, or fabricated, friends, will be designated as an official genre of entertainment, alongside traditional categories like Sport and Drama, following months of behind the scenes discussions .

In a press conference hosted jointly by the BBC, Amazon and Fox Entertainment, excited executives noted that the move was an ‘inevitable consequence’ of the rising popularity of TV series, one-off specials, and video streaming shows where celebrities sit in a one tonne piece of metal, steer it around a bit, and engage in heavily scripted, blokey banter.

‘This is an exciting day for the industry’, said Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC. ‘Ten years ago, Top Gear was the only car show on telly. Now, the schedules are gridlocked with middle-aged men visiting locations of dubious televisual value in a 4 by 4, so they can enjoy a good meal, a reasonable quality hotel and a few beers with their chums’.

‘Designating all this content as a proper genre marks a new high for this type of programme’ he added. ‘It’s comparable to where we were at with Scandinavian crime dramas 5 years ago, or with the rolling news format in the early 2000s. The ‘vehicle’ vehicle has truly arrived’.

A spokesman for Amazon Prime indicated that their forthcoming programme, The Grand Tour, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May would take the genre to new levels. ‘This will become the gold standard for the ‘three men in jeans’ style of vehicle-based travelogue, which viewers know and love so much’ he noted. ‘It is the effortless juxtaposition of a post-modern piss take of the very concept of enthusing about Volvos, along with the overwhelming, almost desperate, need of the presenters to be liked by a younger generation of viewers that really sets this show apart’

‘That, and of course, the regular innuendo about the size of the presenters’ penises. Viewers can expect plenty of that’, he added.


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