Grammar pedant now irritating himself

A linguistic pedant has been forced to correct his own grammatical misdemeanors after being told not to communicate with anyone else in the office.

Simon Worth, 34, from Suffolk has been forbidden to interact with his colleagues until further notice, following his unsolicited, condescending and incessant corrections to their written and verbal discourse. ‘This is not a slope that humanity should be tempted to slip down’ said Worth, ‘though I have to reluctantly admit that I am annoying … oh gods, did I just split an infinitive? Somebody kill me.’

Most colleagues at the firm have been celebrating the injunction by using phrases such as ‘Oh my days’ and writing ‘Your welcome’ on Post-it notes in his general vicinity. ‘I do have some sympathy for him, because he actually taught us a lot,’ said accountant Sally. ‘But he’s much fewer of a twat now that he can’t talk.’



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