Man embarks on 2 year mission to complete De Agostini ‘Jazz Legends’ Collection

A brave man from Dorset has embarked on a gruelling 2 year challenge to complete the De Agostini ‘Jazz Legends’ collection, by providing his name, address, credit card details and by ticking the box to indicate that he has agreed to the standard terms and conditions of purchase.

School teacher Mark Smith, 48, came up with the challenge after watching an advert on day-time television, promoting the opportunity to explore the world of jazz through a collection of iconic albums, magazines, and tie-in gifts that are only fit-for purpose when used with the series of iconic albums and magazines. ‘July 24th 2018 is marked on my calendar’ said Mark excitedly. ‘This is the day when I’ll hopefully reach the finish line, and when I will have the definitive 104-installment collection, from the beginnings of jazz, through the big-band movement towards the modern era, all reproduced in faithful sound quality conveying the spirit and vitality of the movement, with helpful and informative accompanying notes on the artistes’.

Mark is under no illusions about the size of the endeavour ahead of him, and, anticipating this, he has been on an intensive training regime, undertaking an advanced Maths course to help him with the complex task of trying to calculate the overall cost of the collection. ‘It’s not easy to work out how much I might end up paying in total from the information available on the website, but I wondered if this was deliberate?’ he noted. ‘If the total price was there, up front, plain and simple, for all to see, everyone would be signing up for it. What kind of a challenge is that?’.

Mark has also sought advice on internet forums, from the many others who have tried and failed with similar feats of endurance. ‘People hit the wall after about 20 weeks’, he revealed. It is at that point that you really need to dig deep into your financial reserves, and push on. You also definitely need to think about the additional shelving requirements, which look to be considerable.’



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