Single man convinces himself he isn’t doing yoga to get laid

Ben Harris, 29, from London, has persuaded himself that is practising yoga as the only man in a class of 20 is purely for stress relief and to improve his flexibility. The fact that he has tried his luck with six female members is purely coincidental, he said.

‘Being alone with 19 lycra-clad women is not for the faint-hearted,’ he said. ‘I force myself not to look, especially when they hold positions that might be deemed erotic. I don’t like to mix yoga and pleasure, but if they invite me to a social evening, I always feel obliged to attend. Usually, none of the lads are available to join me.’
Yoga classes throughout the UK are renowned for a terrifying gender imbalance and a 50:50 balance is seen as yogically impossible. ‘Ben goes to yoga?! What the f**k?!’ said Carl, a visibly shocked best mate. ‘I thought it was restricted to women and gay men. I guess he must go with his girlfriend.’


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