Unworthy kid at back of bus not even wearing hoodie


A lone child has been found wearing a hoodless pullover at the back of a public bus. The boy, aged 15, seemed completely oblivious to the glaring discrepancies between his seat location, his humble demeanour and his preferred choice of striped crew neck sweater. In scarcely plausible circumstances, teenager Aaron White was not even listening to drum and bass or playing deafening gangsta rap on his phone. Furthermore, the absence of an inexplicably loud ‘dush dush dush dush’ sound didn’t appear to faze him. Instead, he sat quietly with arms folded, gazing out of the window as if the bus seat hierarchy had been consigned to history.

Upon disembarking the bus, Aaron thanked the driver with a cordial “much obliged for your assistance” and skipped home to help his mother prepare for dinner.



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Posted: Jun 4th, 2016 by

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