Top Gear presenters to pick up remaining audience on their way to TV studios

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The seven Top Gear presenters will give a lift to the TV studios to all those fans who have continued to watch the new series, it was announced today. Following a sharp decline in audience numbers between the first and second shows the Top Gear team said the measure would be a reward those who had been loyal, but was also now the most economical way of getting the broadcasts out to the remaining audience base.

‘Honestly, its’ on my way, I can pick you up at two’ said lead presenter Chris Evans to long-time Gear enthusiast Peter Tunnock from Arbroath. ‘Can you chip in for petrol though and bring some tunes for the CD player? We can stop at Leicester Forest East for a sandwich.’

Reacting to the worrying fall in audience figures, the team also announced that TV scheduling will also become much more fluid for the remainder of the series, to fit in with the bus journey of avid fan, Martin, from St Albans, who can generally get to the Guildford studios by 6pm, but it can be 630pm on a bad day, what with the bypass traffic and all that. To try and entice viewers back, a new jazzed up set and stage backdrop will also be shipped in to the studios, as will hundreds of cans of laughter.

Evans was defensive about claims that the show was struggling. ‘This is so much more than a car show’ argued the TV veteran. ‘Matt Le Blanc can talk for ages about the EU Referendum, for example. At least I think that’s what he meant when he was mumbling about whether to remain or get the hell out of here.’

After hearing that the Antiques Roadshow had secured a higher audience share than the broadcast on Sunday, the Top Gear team will also experiment with Antiques/Motoring fusion elements to the show. In a regular slot, presenters and fans will race round in a classic car, looking for dusty oil paintings, vases and other trinkets that have been placed in various locations of interest. With the surprise news that Jeremy Clarkson will return to present this part of the show, the working title for the segment is the Great Antique Hunt.


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