If you try to leave The Community, Lizards will devour you, warns L Ron Cameron

L Ron Cameron, founder of the Lyin’-Tologists, has defended his remarks in a debate on ITV when he said those who try to leave The Community will lose their homes, be weakened by war and finally picked off by lizards and the plague. These events are all scientifically proven by Remainian Scientists, he added, because if anyone leaves The Community, all scientific progress will stop.

His views were backed up by Noel Edmonds, who stated that anyone who doesn’t like living in a system where laws are made by people you can’t see, speak to or identify is clearly a monster who deserves every disease coming to them. ‘That’s a scientific fact,’ said Edmonds.

Cameron was backed by the Grand Confederacy of The Ruling Classes, which consists of every mimsy fake fabian in the kingdom of the media.

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