Trump will ‘ban foreigners born in the US’ to keep US citizens safe


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has slammed New York hospitals for ‘allowing potential terrorists’ being born in the city. ‘New York schools have a lot to answer for, too,’ he pointed out, suggesting that when he is elected he will ‘ban terrorists being born or educated in the US.’ He conceded that his initial comment to ‘send them back to where they come from’ might be a ‘bit impractical’ given the size of an adult womb.

He has suggested that he might build a wall ‘around all the American born Muslims’ in America and stated he would make them pay for the labour ‘which will probably have to be Mexicans to keep costs down.’ When asked about gun control, Mr Trump pointed out that ‘guns don’t kill people, terrorists do,’ and said that he would ban terrorists from buying guns until ‘everybody else was armed.’ The NRA has provided support for ‘all pacifists to be armed until they get some common sense.’

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