Farage praises immigrants ‘for keeping me in work’


Following a furore over a poster depicting thousands of immigrants, that even Michael Gove found repugnant, Nigel Farage has defended the stance he has taken on European Member States – specifically Syria, Turkey & Russia.

‘Look, all these EU immigrants are making life in the UK much more dangerous,’ a spokesman said – citing a long list of violent EU immigrants such as Harold Shipman, Fred and Rose West, the Kray twins. ‘When the UK leaves the EU, we can look forward to lots of jobs for British people – washing cars in all weathers, picking potatoes by hand because it’s cheaper than buying a machine, doing all the dirty jobs in the NHS that nobody wants to do for a pittance wage’.

He estimated that about six million jobs would be ‘up for grabs’ and suggested British school leavers should eschew college as they ‘won’t need’ qualifications anymore: ‘…for God’s sake most of the people doing these jobs now don’t even speak English’.

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