Golden Retriever discovers new irresistible fragrance


A dog has shocked scientists and repulsed his owner in equal measure, by finding a perfect odour combination.  The four-year old said: ‘I’d run into this pond and I was looking for a cow pat or something, but then I came across this little patch of badger shit and I thought yeah – go on then’.

One beautician commented:  ‘Other breeds may have been content with the smell of stale water, but the traces of faecal matter all over his back really do add something extra.  I think the key was giving it a really good roll to make sure it’s properly matted into the fur’.


On returning home, the dog plans to spread the smell around the house thoroughly, starting with smaller confined spaces before tackling larger areas like the double bedroom upstairs.  ‘It might take a while, but it’s a shame not to share this smell with everyone, he said.  ‘I’m going to call it Goldenmusk’.

Matt Ward

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