UK simulation game crashes repeatedly: reboot imminent


Software developers have confirmed that their virtual reality simulation of the UK government has failed catastrophically.

‘It’s an ever-present risk with artificial intelligence’, explained The Man. ‘Decisions made by humans tend to be risk-averse, with inbuilt safeguards. For example, any real Prime Minister wouldn’t just call for a referendum, he’d ensure that the odds were stacked in his favour to begin with.

‘In the real world, Boris and Gove wouldn’t win the egg and spoon race, let alone a national debate.’

Some players have begged the game’s designers to let it run, if only to see how many apologies Boris can make in a year, but the risk of contagion is believed to be too great.

‘We’re just going to have to reboot’, said The Man. ‘Sorry everybody, we’ll be back to 22nd June before you can say ‘Matrix’. Hold on tight, and try not to take it too seriously.’

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