Papua New Guinea tells Australia to ‘back off’


There has been international outrage at the revelation that Australia has been encroaching on its northern neighbours.  The President of Papua New Guinea has ordered his armed forces (Eric and Bill) onto a war footing and is suggesting that diplomatic relations with Australia might be severed if the continent refuses to return to its own waters.

China has expressed ‘concern’ about the continental shift and said the ‘tectonic plate argument is just an excuse for unbridled Colonialism’.  Jean Claude Junker, President of the EU, has called for calm and has suggested that Australia might want to consider applying for membership ‘as an opening has recently become available’.  Critics point out that at Australia’s rate of continental shift it would take several Millennia for the land mass to be part of Europe, however Junker points out that the lack of urgency of the UK in invoking article 50 suggests the timing could be ‘just about perfect’.

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