Trump doubts Clinton ‘existence’


Republican nominee Donald Trump has claimed that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a wasted vote ‘because she does not exist’.  He told a meeting in Cleveland ‘Nobody I know who has met the woman claiming to be Hillary Clinton can actually prove they met the real Hillary.  The truth is she is a diabolical media trick created by forces beyond our comprehension.  Nobody calling themselves that would have two ‘L’s in their name.  That extra L stands for…something she can’t even explain.’

Mr Trump continued: ‘Why, when Bill Clinton could have his choice of any woman on earth not to have sex with except my beautiful wife Michelle Obama, would Bill choose to marry Hillary?  In reality, he did no such thing.  He married an illusion, which is still an offence in this great city of California.  Sure, now you can have Mexican men marrying other Mexicans, at least till I get in the White House.  But a marriage to nobody is no marriage at all.  Not even if you have a big party, and a woman present claiming to be the person she is not.  I challenge Hillary to prove her existence by appearing right now in this hall… See? ‘

‘The same people who led us to believe men walked on the moon in 1979 now want us to believe in Hillary here on earth. Well I’m calling her buff.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for an empty White House, except for Bill, who should never be let into the Oval Office with any woman, real or imagined.  Or any shaped room in the White House for that matter.  I never called Hillary the devil.  I called her the work of the devil.  Who as many fellow Americans know, really does exist.  Unlike Hillary’.


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