Hounslow man almost sees wife win Olympic gold


A Hounslow woman won a gold medal in Rio yesterday in some event or other, nearly urged on to victory at home by husband Rob Johnson. As the svelte 22-year-old performed her warm-up stretches, Rob began some much needed limbering up of his own.

‘First I went to the fridge,’ he explained. ‘That’s where I keep my cans of lager, cooled to the exact right temperature. The last thing a sports supporter needs is a dry throat. Then I got in some hollering practice, watching the women’s beach volleyball.’

Unfortunately for Rob the beach volleyball was on a different channel to his wife’s event, so he only caught the end of her performance. ‘I switched over sharpish, so I could cheer her on to victory at the end, before heating up the lasagne marked ‘Saturday’ she made before she left.’


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