Commuter ‘recovering’ after mortification of fumbled carriage door


A seasoned train user has taken the day off in order to recover from the embarrassment of fumbling the outside handle when alighting. The normally proficient Adam Barnes, 41, arrived at the platform facing door with ‘at least 45 seconds to spare and casually dropped the window while checking his phone’ recounted eye-witness Helen Jones.

‘Within a few seconds I could see he was in trouble as the jerking of his shoulder indicted the frantic spasms of his outside arm, fighting the handle. He was muttering incomprehensibly as the sighs of unsympathetic passengers behind him created a wall of hot air and disdain as far as the bicycle carriage, it was just awful’.

Ms Jones said she eventually managed to get along side the victim, awkwardly suggesting that she’d do it for him and released the door before the carriage went critical. Southern Rail said this action ‘ensured that another one of our services came in on time, despite the ineptitude of a passenger who should have known better’.


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