Post-Olympic bike sales increase sees wheelchair manufacturers bracing themselves


Following on from the large increase in bike sales instigated by Team GB’s cycling success at the Olympics, wheelchair manufacturers are bracing themselves for increased production should British Wheelchair racers have a similar level of dominance at the Paralympics.

‘We estimate an increase in sales of up to 400% if Team GB get a few Golds’ one industry expert advised, ‘and makers of mobility aids are not stopping at wheelchairs. Nike have announced a spike in orders for the ‘cheetah blades’ worn by Oscar Pistorious at the Olympics’.

One lucky customer, Michael Daniels received his blades a week ago, and despite a few teething problems he says he is happy with his purchase. ‘Soon after getting them I realised I might have to amputate both my legs below the knee to get full use of them’ the wannabe blade runner told us. ‘I bottled out of that so now just wear them on my feet. Granted I don’t seem to be running any faster, by I can now see over even the tallest of crowds.’

Some people have been quick to call the expected ‘mimicking’ of disability sport tasteless and sick, but as a worldwide partner of the Olympics, burger giant McDonalds say this is what the legacy is all about. ‘Many of our ‘regular’ customers have told us being able to run sitting down is very appealing. One of them has even said that as well as participating in sport for the first time in 25 years, she will also take the opportunity to become more environmentally friendly – she has committed to doing the 100 metres in an electric wheelchair.’

Lord Seb Coe has cautiously welcomed the uptake of disability sport by able bodied participants, but has stressed that there is a line that must not be crossed. ‘Inspiring a generation’ is what London 2012 has been about, and I trust the British public not to take it too far by offending those with disabilities. Luckily since Greg Rutherford‘s long jump Gold, we have not seen an increase in sales of ginger hair dye.’

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