Owen Smith suggests inviting ISIS out for a pint


Labour leadership sacrificial lamb Owen Smith has said that the problems concerning the so-called Islamic State could best be sorted out ‘over a pint in a good, old-fashioned Welsh pub’. ‘ISIS are probably good lads who get a bit carried away when they’re out with their friends,’ said Smith. ‘If we just get them, the Syrians, the Iraqis and the Kurds out for a Sunday roast and a few light ales, nothing too strong, then we’ll get this all smoothed over in no time. Though no pork, obviously.’

Smith added: ‘Back in Barry when I was a lad, the hard cases would give you a bit of stick, threaten to blow your legs off, maybe even bring about the final showdown between good and evil. But down the pub, Saturday night, you’d have a chat and they’d be good as gold, top lads. I ask you, who hasn’t got a bit overexcited and tried to set up their own caliphate once in a while?’


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