US voters ‘shocked’ to learn Donald Trump has campaign managers


On advice from his latest campaign manager, Republican US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has launched a new ‘softer’ campaign slogan: ‘KKK for the USA’

‘I really think we’ve come up with a winning slogan this time’ enthused Mr Trump ‘’KKK’ yes, ‘Kind Knowledgeable King’, I love it!’

When he found out ‘KKK’ in the slogan is meant to stand for ‘Kaput Kitsch Knobhead’ he said: ‘Jeez, goddam it! Hey, I don’t know what those words mean, but I love it even more now!’

Waving his right hand around like there was no tomorrow he exclaimed: ‘I feel totally re-energised right now and can’t wait to get my finger on that nuclear button come November! It’s true. God bless the United States of America!’

At his next press conference, Mr Trump was persistently asked by journalists if he had anything to do with bugging the All Blacks rugby team’s hotel room in Australia: ‘I don’t even know where Australia is and I’m gonna keep my true thoughts on all blacks to myself until when I am President.’

farmer giles

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