MyWife teams up with MyMatesGirlfriend to corner nagging market


MyWife plc, a leading supplier of optimised ear-bending solutions for modern women, has announced that it has established a technology alliance with MyMatesGirlfriend Ltd., another major player in this fast-emerging market niche.

According to CEO Judith Todd, MyWife plc has established market-leading positions over the past 15 years with its suite of life-crushing systems. Now it is seeking to bring in the innovative technologies developed by MyMatesGirlfriend Ltd., which have recently enjoyed strong growth in the wrecking of enjoyable Friday nights up and down the country market.

‘For a decade, our flexible You Always® and You Never® systems led the way, enabling users to take the basic technology package and customise them to specific needs,’ said Todd. ‘Two years ago, our trans-Atlantic alliance with MyBrothersNuttyAmericanFiancee, Inc., led to the launch of YouDontReallyLoveMe® and MumsComingToStay® into the UK market.’

However, she added, MyBrothersNuttyAmericanFiancee, Inc., has since been acquired in a management buy-out by SomeBlokeSheWentOffWith & Co. Since then, MyWife plc has been actively looking for a new range of partnering options in its home market.

‘Thanks to this new joint venture – GetYourFeetOffTheSofa,IVacuumedItThisMorning – we will also be offering the range of male subordination solutions developed by MyMatesGirlfriend Ltd., including the truly terrifying EerieCalm®. We believe that we can offer all of our customers the perfect means of modern husband control,’ Todd said.

Stephanie Carter, CEO of MyMatesGirlfriend, added: ‘For those customers who find EerieCalm® too high-maintenance, we can now offer a suite of best-in-class sport-enjoyment-wrecking solutions, including the impossible-to-argue-against YouWatchedFootballLastWeek®. It’s a win-win scenario.’

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