Corbyn insists ‘seats were occupied by Pokeman Go characters’


The spat between Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Richard Branson has hit a new high today following the release of footage from the Virgin train Corbyn says forced him to sit on the floor showing there were actually plenty of available seats.

At first the Labour leader insisted there were coats and bags on the seats ‘Which I assumed the owners had paid for tickets to provide a decent resting place for them’ the Labour leader claimed. He later insisted that they were occupied by Pokemon Go characters. ‘I didn’t want to trivialise the problems with train travel by training these characters to get off the seats, so I sat down on the floor,’ he added.

Niantic, creator of Pokemon Go, has responded by adding characters to the ends of carriages ‘to give commuters something to do while they’re sitting there.’

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Posted: Aug 26th, 2016 by

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