Pressure mounts for Porcini to be banned from French beaches

french police on beach

There are calls today for deeply threatening and inappropriate clothing dubbed ‘Porcini’ (colloquially ‘Cuntkini’) to be banned from public places including French beaches. People relaxing all over France this week have been harassed by marauding fat people dressed head to toe in a dark, threatening costume that may conceal weapons and make little men appear much bigger than they actually are.

Extremists claiming affiliation to ‘The Law’ (praise be its name) and who call themselves ‘Police’ have targeted innocent female holidaymakers and demanding money with menaces. Women are usually robbed during rituals of humiliation, where they are forced to wake from a lovely snooze and take off head scarves or other random items of clothing that might have been protecting their modesty.

Leaders of peace-loving moderate police forces from other countries are urging their members not to become radicalised and behave in a similar extremist manner, although it is feared that a British splinter group calling themselves ‘Traffic Wardens’ have increased the tempo of their casual cruelty. The south of England is already on high alert for atrocities by hard-line Wardens over the Bank Holiday weekend, particularly in Winchester.

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