Bather decisions too close to call as French police call for hemline technology

The baiting of conservative dressers should no longer be restricted to human judgement, fans of the sport say, as calls intensify for new hemline technology.

‘In the age of professional bather bashing, it’s ludicrous that we should rely on the judgement of one plodding official.’ said one French commentator.  ‘The modern game has evolved, and bather baiting is no longer about kicking sand in the face of a skinny white man who doesn’t use the Bullworker. These days, the quarry is likely to be a woman who commits the cardinal error of being modestly dressed. The game has moved on, but unfortunately, officiating has not, and the man in the middle is still likely to be a fat bloke in an itchy uniform.’

Live Bather Baiting from France will continue as normal on Sky Sports Extra, where fans can enjoy watching people being told to take some clothes off, or in the case of Gary Lineker, to put them back on again.


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