Chris Brown just doing his ‘thang’

The popular rapper and renowned topic of conversation at women’s shelters, has been outrageously targeted by police for doing what he does best – sabotaging his own music career and scaring women. Mr. Brown is alleged to have threatened a woman with a gun, accompanied with the lyrics from his top-twenty single ‘I Can Transform Ya’.

The singer has taken to Instagram to protest his innocence, with the hashtag ‘#Black celebrity rappers matter’. As yet, no activist group has offer to support his cause; although Rihanna replied with her own tag ‘Black eyes matter…or are certainly a sign of domestic abuse’.

Having previously been found guilty of felony assault, Mr. Brown still has a reputation as a ladies man – always gentlemanly putting the ‘Miss’ before ‘Ogyny. Romantically he still refers to his past relationships with Rihanna as being like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, notwithstanding the fact they both ended up dead.

One concerned friend confided: ‘When Kanye West says you’ve over-stepped the mark, you really need to need to reappraise your lifestyle choices’. Nevertheless Mr. Brown promised to carry on ‘keeping it real’ like Dr. Dre, Eminem and Germaine Greer.

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