Korean tension eased by singing, dancing T-Mobile flash mob

Asian leaders appreciate the power of a careful choice

A major breakthrough toward some kind of climb-down from the current high alert on the Korean peninsula seemed to be within reach last night as the ongoing six-party talks were infiltrated by a T-Mobile flash mob who sang and danced the delegates into a more conciliatory mood.

T-Mobile flash mobs have brought smiles to the faces of bystanders in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable, from rush-hour commuters at Liverpool Street Station to red-eyed BA travellers arriving at Heathrow, each time escaping serious violence.

Few, however, would have predicted success for the surprise choir at talks convened to defuse escalating tension between the two Koreas which followed the exchange of fire earlier this week

The mob members, dressed as waiters bringing in the coffee, began by bursting into ‘Why Can’t We be Friends?’, and were soon joined in song by a team of window-cleaners who were just passing the window in their gondola. Interpreters, also planted by T-Mobile, then leaped onto the tables and began dancing.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the first to crack. ‘There was this one guy right up in my face, singing really loud. Part of me really wanted to deck him, but in the end I just ended up shrugging and joining in.’
South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, agreed, ‘Of course my first reaction was to find something sharp to stab these annoying people with, but when I saw Hillary go, I couldn’t help myself.’

Naoto Kan, the Japanese Premier continued, ‘We had an awkward moment when the mob segued into their ‘I’m So Ronery’, but as a wry smile crossed Kim Jong-Il’s face, and he started tapping his platformed feet, we knew he saw the funny side. Pretty soon after that we were all hugging, swaying, taking pictures on our mobiles and singing ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’ – which it quite literally is for a lot of us.

Mastermind behind the campaign, Seth Lynch, commented, “Whether it be by bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, or by bringing 900 minutes and unlimited texts for 20 pounds a month to our customers, at T-mobile, our core brand message is that ‘Life’s for sharing’.

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