May yet to pick a country to destroy


Following in a long line of militarily and diplomatically inept Prime Ministers, Theresa May now has the difficult decision as to which nation to send back to the Middle Ages; through the usual combination of Black Ops and the missionary position.  David Cameron has already had his Libya and Tony Blair left his indelible sh$t stain throughout the Middle East, leaving Mrs May with a choice between an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, Liechtenstein or Middlesbrough.

The UK has a glorious tradition of international meddling, annexing and sneakily painting countries pink on a map.  Obviously there will be deciding factors in her choice of nation to obliterate – a) Is it a humanitarian crisis?  b) Is there oil? and  c) Will any white folks get injured?’

Previously British foreign policy has been influenced by which country the United States wanted to pick a fight with, but with a Trump presidency a possibility, that could refer to 90% of the UN.  Mrs May will need to be selective with her indiscriminate butchery, her spokesman said: ‘The PM is determined to annihilate another nation…just as soon as she has finished with ours’.

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