Tom Hanks disappoints Leicester couple


A newly-married couple from Leicester have spoken about their sadness and disappointment after Tom Hanks failed to make an appearance at their wedding. Paul and Amanda Sutton had tied the knot at a small ceremony at St. Peter’s Church in the Oadby area of the city, followed by a lavish reception at the Regency Hotel in Stoneygate.

‘It was so lovely to begin with,’ said Amanda, speaking after returning from her honeymoon in Barcelona. ‘You could feel the buzz of excitement as the evening wore on’. ‘We knew Tom was in England because of his new film,’ interrupted Paul, holding Amanda’s hand. ‘We’d seen him on TV, on the red carpet.  We knew, or at least we thought we knew that it was just a matter of time’.

‘We had seen him turning up to weddings for selfies with the bride and groom, it’s all over youtube.  So when it got to eleven o’clock and there was still no sign of him, we began to worry,’ Amanda pauses to wipe away a tear. ‘People were avoiding asking us about him because, you know, they didn’t want to upset us but you could tell they were devastated’.  Paul cut in, obviously still angry. ‘We waited until 3 am, well after our last guests had left, in the hope that he may have got stuck in traffic or something.  But no, it was pointless. He obviously had something better to do in London. He’s just like the rest of them’.

After the wedding, Paul and Amanda flew out to Barcelona for a week but claim that they were unable to fully appreciate their honeymoon due to still being upset over their treatment by the Hollywood star.  ‘We went to Sagrada Familia, you know, that massive church that they’re still building,’ continued Amanda. ‘It was quite interesting until Paul mentioned that the scaffolding looked a bit like the scaffolding in the Tom Hanks comedy ‘Money Pit’.  He tried not to let me see but I think he cried a bit’.

Paul picks up the story: ‘We took a boat trip which we thought would be fun, but all we could think about was Captain Phillips and that bit at the start of Saving Private Ryan, when they’re on a boat’.  Paul and Amanda have vowed to put the incident behind them and get on with married life.  Amanda is due to start a new job this month and they hope that the change will help them both come to terms with what happened.

‘We’ll laugh about it one day,’ said Paul. ‘I try and make sure the telly is off if there are any of his films on, which is hard because they’re always showing Toy Story 3 on Freeview’.  ‘I’m just going to try and focus on this new job,’ added Amanda. ‘Hopefully that will help.  Paul’s throwing a party for me, which will be nice.  We’ve put it all over facebook and made sure there’s a piano at the venue.  Gary Barlow’s playing the NEC and we’re hoping he can make a surprise appearance’.


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