Corbyn’s pants still too tight despite reshuffle

Corbyn saying things

Jeremy Corbyn has shown ‘great guts’ and ‘left nothing to the imagination’ in his latest reshuffle, says one of his new shadow ministers. Dawn Butler, the new shadow minister for diverse communities, said she felt it was a unifying reshuffle – amid criticism from some Labour MPs and other connoisseurs of intimate unmentionables.

Mr Corbyn, who was hit by a wave of front bench resignations in the wake of his initial shuffle, was subsequently re-elected with an increased mandate from the wider party membership. Neil Coyle MP said: ‘Corbyn’s pants presented plenty of scope for reaching out to disaffected Labour MPs, but he went way too far to the left, as usual, and completely ignored the centre ground.’ But Ms Butler maintains that the Labour leader’s hold on his party’s lever of power is firmer than ever, and demonstrates leadership qualities of a kind that one only finds in Y-frontline politics.

Even Corbyn has expressed some doubts about the matter, concluding that his pants are just ‘too tight’ for the job in hand, not to mention ‘shamelessly revealing.’ Despite this, Corbyn has decided to maintain his current position, for, among the revelations facilitated by the reshuffle, lies a possible advantage in the fight against anti-Semitism.


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