Barbie doll snapped on night out wearing no makeup and looking ‘porky’

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Former glamour role model Barbie has been slammed for her slovenly appearance as photographs of her ‘after a rough night’ were published by Heat magazine.

Once the high priestess of fashion, a tired-looking Barbie Doll was pictured emerging from her ‘Barbie Glam Convertible’ with a face ‘like a slapped arse’, wearing no obvious make-up, a mismatched, baggy outfit, and appearing, to one onlooker, ‘rather porky.’

This is the most recent in a slew of Heat Magazine attacks on the pink princess, last week dubbed a ‘slapper’ after they caught her saucily climbing out of a taxi, allowing anyone who happened to be lying under the vehicle ready with a camera, to see right up her dress. The up-skirt pictures caused controversy for being ‘invasive’, but Heat editor Lucie Cave defended the photos, insisting they were ‘tastefully pixelated.’
New stylist/omnipotent ventriloquizing slave-master Lucy, 6, has taken a large portion of the blame from fans for the recent disintegration of Barbie’s beauty . But this apparent neglect of her appearance has led to Barbie Doll being branded by parental groups across the country as ‘setting a bad example’ and giving young girls ‘too realistic expectations’.

‘By letting herself go, Barbie is damaging young girls’ self-esteem,’ said Lucy’s mother. ‘She has unmasked the ultimately ephemeral nature of beauty, sending the message to children that even if they do miraculously turn out unrealistically beautiful, if they don’t work 23 hours a day on their looks, they will eventually fade. And then who will love them?

‘If even their dolls eventually look like shit’, said her father angrily , ‘then what kind of hope can these little girls have?!’

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