Toyota recall 10,000 clown cars


Comedy car manufacturer Toyota is to recall 10,000 clown cars following a raft of complaints from circuses across the length and breadth of the country. A recall notice is now being issued to thousands of clowns, advising that, while the faults are not life threatening, they may well ‘reduce the comedic factor of your vehicular-based performances.’

Toyota maintain that only a small percentage of the cars are faulty, a claim disputed by some clowns. ‘I’ve heard stories of unfunny cars from all over the place,’ said Bobo, Chief Bungler at Brighton Brother’s Family Circus. ‘They just refuse to fall apart or spout comedy water. We’ve tried covering up the problems but you can only pour so much wallpaper paste down your trousers before the audience starts to notice that something isn’t right.’

Claude, the troupe’s resident Pierrot, is equally downbeat; ‘The doors resolutely fail to drop off and the horn goes ‘pffft’ rather than ‘honk’.’ He also describes how, during a recent performance, one particular vehicle suddenly accelerated and shot out of the big top at great speed. ‘Although it turns out that Mister Chuckles had glued the accelerator pedal down for a laugh. Well try telling that to The Great Stromboli and his broken leg – ha bloody ha!’

The vehicle models now being recalled include the Toyota Ticklewagon TDI, the 2.0 litre Fun-Mobile and the 2009 Yaris Special Edition ‘Edge’ (both petrol and custard variants).

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4th February 2010

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