Channel 4 to follow the lives of 12 people who won’t turn their clocks back

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Channel 4 have announced a new fly-on-the-wall live TV event to be aired this Autumn, entitled ‘No Turning Back’, which will give audiences the chance to follow 12 volunteers as they attempt to spend the winter months without adjusting any of their clocks to GMT.

The first show goes out on October 28th, just before the clocks go back, and producers say it will feature recordings of the volunteers arriving at work on time, watching the TV programmes they want, and talking about how they schedule tasks like eating, bathing and getting ready for bed. A live feed of the participants not turning their clocks back will be broadcast through the night on E4 (which participants will have to treat as E4 +1 for the duration of the experiment).

‘After that, who knows?’ said Michael Zieniewicz, the master-mind behind the reality show. ‘They will be literally an hour ahead of us as we watch in real time. We’re in uncharted territory – Nothing like this has ever been tried before. One’s thing for sure, from October 28th onwards, There’s No Turning Back!

An identical experiment on Dutch TV last year showed confused participants arriving at the pub an hour early, sitting in empty meeting rooms at work and falling asleep just as Match of the Day was starting, instead of half-way through.

A spokesman for the channel said that safety consultants will be on hand to reveal emergency clocks with the real time on them at any time if it is felt the volunteers’ health is at risk.

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