Refugee Chic


British retailers were tonight celebrating the launch of a new fashion brand; soaked in the blood, sweat and tears of child refugees, but with a cheeky hint of haute couture. Fashionistas have rushed to purchase ‘off the boat’ Refugee Chic, a style that says: ‘I like travel, excitement and being fished out of the Mediterranean’.

The UK has tried to shake off its reputation for welcoming migrants with closed arms, borders and wallets, by homing vulnerable children – with only ‘the nimblest of fingers’. Likewise Marks and Spencer have said they condone the exploitation of Syrians, but applauded this mélange of clothing ideas, combining the morally reprehensible with autumnal shades.

By sub-contracting human decency, British firms have managed to turn three million Syrian refugees into three million reluctant seamstresses. Sadly some children working in Turkish factories have attempted escape by sewing themselves into the lining of clothing posted to the UK. Fortunately with Asos’ rigorous returns policy, the majority have been sent back to Syria.

The UK fashion industry has long had the ethical oversight of a fox in a chicken coup; managing to make falling into the hands of human traffickers, the lesser of two evils – but with ‘shorter working days’. At last skinny, malnourished waifs now have the opportunity to sew clothing for skinny, malnourished waifs – in high heels.

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