Post-truth age ‘a challenge’ for tabloids


An oily spokesman for MailOnline said that the post-truth age had left red-top journalists with nowhere to go: ‘They’ve got to be prepared to believe even more ridiculous things now, what with truth being such a fluid concept.  Speaking of fluids, is it 10am yet?  I make it a rule never to have a drink before then’

Taking a break from doorstepping a recently bereaved mother, a Sun reporter said that since the paper had never to his knowledge printed anything truthful, to find that we are now supposedly living in age in which truth was largely irrelevant left him confused and drunk: ‘What are we supposed to do now?  Make stuff even more made up?  Make up stuff about stuff we’ve already made up?  Hang on, here she comes.  Show us yer tits love and smile for fuck’s sake!  Where was I?’


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Posted: Nov 18th, 2016 by

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