May, Hammond & Johnson: ‘The Planned Poor’

Fans of austerity and motorcars have been delighted by a new TV series, featuring the Government driving the economy into the ditch. In addition, the trio plan to tour the world speaking very loudly in English, applying handbrake turns to any trade agreement and rubbishing any foreign car ‘unless its a Nissan’.

The first episode of ‘The Planned Poor’ has May getting lost in Brexit negotiations, Hammond wrecking the NHS and Johnson driving a Mini down a zip-wire. Known for their ‘jokey banter’, the three middle-aged bigots plan to insult a variety of nations with their lazy stereo-types and appeals to UKIP voters or BMW drivers as they are known.

Obviously there have been some changes to their original format; gone is the mysterious white supremacist, The Stig, to be replaced with a reasonably priced moron – Nigel Farage. However viewers have been impressed by the panoramic HD footage of a post-Brexit wasteland, as Johnson drives through every diplomatic red light.

Costing billions of pounds, yet with no new ideas, the show still retains its core
dynamic – of clueless millionaires recklessly speeding with no sense of direction. Unlike Amazon’s fee to watch the online ‘The Grand Tour’, ‘The Planned Poor’ will be accessible for any citizen of the world with a morbid sense of curiosity; which already critics are describing it as ‘car crash TV’.

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