Winter Wonderland disappointment story ‘getting earlier every year’


Grandmother Mrs Elsie Smith taking eight grandchildren to see Santa Clause at East Dereham ‘Winter Wonderland’, was disgusted again this year when the wonderland was nothing like the photo. Mrs Smith complaints come earlier than last year’s Winter Wonderland outrages, which didn’t start until the end of November; ‘On the leaflet there was snow, reindeer and huskies. When we arrived it was raining. The children were devastated they had been so looking forward to a magical ride on a dog sled through the snow strewn hills. We don’t get to see hills much living in Norfolk so it was going to be a real treat.’

At the back of the workshop there were some toys you could take, for a moment the children were delighted and started loading up. Only to find a 5ft 2 so-called ‘Elf’ starts scanning the ‘presents’ and demanding payment. We’ll that is not something an elf would do, it completely destroyed the magic, I threatened to take it right to the top, and that is what we did, there must have been a lot of complaints because there was a queue to see the boss. I won’t tell you all that was said but it ended very nastily with him threatening the naughty list’.

‘We won’t be going back, till next year, that’s for sure.’


Johnny Read

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