Thousands queue to say goodbye to beloved leader


Elderly English revolutionaries joined young doctors, famous musicians, government workers and former UKIP guerrilla fighters in London’s Plaza de la Revolución as thousands lined up to pay their last respects to the leadership of Nidel Farrago.

Some carried flags made from copies of the Daily Express. Some clutched English roses. All came with memories of the UKIP leader who overthrew a European dictatorship, urged a British invasion of Europe, and dominated UK political life despite never actually holding office. Unless you mean a small office chalet in his back garden.

There is widespread recognition of Farrago’s failures, and many – particularly among the young – balk at his pubs’n’cricket concept of Britain. But this was not the time or the place or the crowd or the Monday to dwell on the negatives. ‘I was born in a poor English family. Thanks to the anti-Brussels revolution, I have seen a new Conservative Government put into power without an election,’ said Doris Nosey, a retired B&B landlady from Margate. ‘That’s what you call real democracy, not unelected Sprouts telling us what to do. I’m here because of Nidel. He was everything to me.’

It was not just Brits paying homage. Many foreigners were present – such as President-erect Donusallin Trump, who wiped a tear from his eye at the idea that his friend and ally would be retiring to the US to start a tobacco farm in Virginia and forment another revolution. Several Japanese schoolgirls also filed past Farrago’s career, wondering if he was a member of Wrong Direction.

Britain PLC will be a very different place without being directed from behind the scenes by this remarkable man. He has moved on to control the fate of America. Nidel is no longer the People’s Leader of Britain. He belongs to history now.


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