Bristow calls Brazilian footballers ‘bunch of poofs’ for dying in plane crash


In a tweet likely to spark further outrage, former darts player Eric Bristow has called the Brazilian football team Chapecoense a ‘bunch of poofs’ following the recent death of most of the team in a plane crash over Colombia.

Commenting that he wasn’t surprised it was ‘footballers yet again’ behaving in this unmanly way, he advised they should simply ‘walk it off’ rather than ‘lyin abahht gettin in everyone’s way’.

He added that photos of the young, good looking team made them look ‘a bit bleedin metrosexual, if you know what I mean. Not that I’d be tempted meself, obviously. But, y’know, some blokes might. I should think.’

Bristow also claimed that he’d been in several plane crashes himself, and his usual practice was to ‘pull meself ahht the wreckage, climb over all them corpses and twat the pilot for flyin like a girl.’

His agent was quick to say that the latter claim was unlikely to be true, if only because no darts player has ever been abroad.


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