Teenagers to rent cooler parents

cool parents

Internet entrepreneurs have launched a highly lucrative new business in which teenagers can rent cool parents to impress their school friends.

A wide range of super-cool substitute parents can be viewed online, where they can be searched according to a whole range of musical and fashion criteria. They are guaranteed never to wear ropey cardigans, have excessive nasal hair or to keep doing Little Britain catchphrases but always get them slightly wrong.

‘We first had the idea at a family wedding…’ said Steve Edgerton, the founder of coolparents.com; ‘We saw the expression on a teenager’s face as he watched his Mum and Dad dancing to The Birdy Song. We thought, this guy would pay any amount to be with someone else…’

Cool parents come with or without sports cars, can be in a band or famous TV show, or are just so indifferent to their supposed kids that they let them do whatever they want. By recognising their own naffness and paying for their children to be with someone else, parents claim they have recovered a fragment of respect from their adolescent children. However Steve Edgerton recognises that all these parents were much happier when their children were young and in awe of Mum and Dad, and so he has also launched a second agency; appreciative-kids.com.

As a result the internet entrepreneur has become a millionaire overnight, and is now mixing with rock stars, comedians and sports heroes on a daily basis. ‘God, it’s so embarrassing’ said his daughter.

17th December 2006

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