Man’s self-esteem destroyed by never being abused as a child


Tim Wilkinson, 51, has spoken of his anguish at being unmolested as a child. Framed photos show him at five joining Sunday School with Father ‘Spankie’ O’Dowd, at ten in his Scouts uniform beaming at being away at Jamboree with just his personal Scoutmaster, receiving a post-coma Jim’ll Fix It” medallion from the man himself at 12 and lining up with his Chelsea Youth Squad footie mates.

‘What kind of monster must I have been?’ he mumbled. ‘All those opportunities but no-one ever laid a finger on me, not even at boarding school. Even my private lessons with Gary Glitter just got me Grade 8 guitar. I must have been the most repellent kid in the world. But at least I have finally found the courage to tell the world and encourage other untouched children to speak out.’

Cinquecento and Titus

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