Cliff raid police were looking for ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ master tapes


Officers from South Yorkshire Police who raided Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire mansion earlier this year have confirmed that they were actually following up a tip-off that the master tapes of Cliff’s infamous Xmas hit ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ were hidden in a drawer there.

‘We weren’t bothered about allegations of sexual abuse or wrongdoing, that was just a cover. We were looking for evidence of a far more sinister crime, the original multi-track master tape of Cliff’s vocal mix,’ said a spokesman.

Although the search drew a blank, the police have vowed to continue. ‘Next we will be going after the writers who came up with those insidious lyrics and then the session musicians who laid down the musical track. Some of them have retired, some are living abroad and probably think they are safe, but rest assured we won’t let this monstrous abuse lie.’

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