Shampoo ingredients ‘are evidence of alien technology’


Scientists studying widely used shampoos have confirmed that several of the ingredients ‘are unknown to terrestrial chemistry’.

‘At first we just thought they were made-up marketing words,” said Dr James Johnson, a research chemist. ‘Fruit Ceramide R? It didn’t make sense. But one of my PhD students wanted to synthesise some, using only the name and a picture of hair in ultraviolet light he found in a TV advert, with arrows pointing at the ‘collagen-strengthening bonds’. And he ended up with really lustrous hair.’

Speculation is growing that some scientists broke away from Area 51 in the sixties, to start their own ‘laboratoires’. ‘Who knows what else they might have learned from the aliens?’ said Johnson. ‘A cure for cancer? Endless energy generation? Maybe how to talk to girls.’

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