Sheep launch ‘Ewekip’


With the news, generally applauded by red-blooded Welshman, that sheep now outnumber the Welsh in Wales three to one, sheep have launched a campaign to gain political recognition.

‘It’s about time Sheep-speak was given parity to the Welsh language, especially as it’s spoken fluently by 100% of sheep in Wales,’ bleated a spokes-sheep today. ‘Whereas only a small proportion of Welsh people speak their national language. Although Welsh itself  is not a language to be spat at.’

Whether Ewekip will have the same extreme views as Nigel Farage’s Party is yet to be seen, but their anthem ‘Ba ba blacksheep’ is stirred up racial tensions and sales of mint sauce.


(hattip Gerontius)

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Posted: Dec 25th, 2016 by

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