Star Trek episodes to be re-edited to reflect post-truth era


CBS Television has confirmed that it is re-editing original Star Trek episodes to reflect post-truth events in technology. In several early episodes Captain Kirk and Mr Spock will now wander around an alien landscape with communicators held aloft, attempting to ‘get a signal’.

In one of the second series episodes Spock’s Tricorder will constantly reboot until it ends up with the ‘Microsoft Blue Screen of Death’, with Kirk complaining about the lack of faith Star Fleet¬†have in Apple products.

Finally, many of the scenes where the Captain asks the computer for details, such as ‘computer, how long until the di-lithium crystals fail?’ will now¬†feature the answer ‘I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch that. Please repeat the question’.

CBS believe that although the technologies forecast by the 1960s science fiction show still have a couple of hundred years to mature they believe ‘it’s not going to happen, is it?’

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