Thousands of Mexicans swarm across border in search of work in new Ford factory


Donald Trump was left ruing the law of unintended consequences today as thousands of Mexicans swarmed over the border into the US to look for work in the new car factory being built in Michigan.

‘We were looking forward to working for Ford in Mehico,’ explained one, ‘but now there is no work at home, we are going to the US instead.’ ‘Quick ,Miguel,’ shouted another Mexican. ‘We need to hurry in before he builds his wall’.

Meanwhile BMW announced further plans to transfer work from its plant in Munich to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘Labour costs are 275% cheaper there,’ explained a spokesman. ‘We think with that saving and Ford’s increased costs in Michigan we could pretty much wipe out their share of the market in North America. It’s simple economics – any fool knows that.’

A Trump spokesman said the President-elect was unavailable to comment at the moment as he was ‘busy with his advisers working out which country on the map GDP was.’



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